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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cwlawley, May 9, 2006.

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    I have been asked to clean an area out for a client that is roughly 60' x 20'. The brush and small trees are about 8 feet in height. Mostly vines and small plants, but there are some small saplings, posion ivy and lots of briars. I'm not scared of the job and I will be making plenty off it but I want to know the easiest way to take care of this equipment-wise? Should I rent a skid steer and knock everything down and drag it out, or something else? Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Ever since I bought sprayers, granted if you're getting paid plenty moolah that rules and you can't do this method because it's the cheap way out, but I LOVE clearing brush with round-up because it's hardly any work so long there are no trees and stuff you can do that, for future reference. You bet, I've cleared 20 x 60 areas of crap for around 60 bucks, takes 20 minutes to spray it all, then 30 days later you come back and spray it one more time, two fast visits for 30 dollars each and it is done, but it only works with brush and small stuff.

    On that note, you might can still convince them of the round-up method.
    It's fast and dirty, but the price helps a lot thou yes, you'd have to adjust this.

    If there are trees, a dingo walk-behind loader will clear everything in a matter of 1-2 hours with the exception of trees with trunks larger than an inch or two in diameter. It does topple tiny trees and saplings and you can actually use the shovel to a degree to cut into the trunk by moving it back and forth, but a chainsaw is highly effective as well. Dingos around here run 220 / day for renting, 155 for 4 hours but all you need is a trailer with a GVWR of 3000 pounds, thou this one makes your own cost sky-high, you get done really fast but the profit is marginal... Then if you have to haul the stuff and you have to load the trailer, you have to leave the dingo behind and hurry to dump it and unload it and run back and pick up the dingo to bring it back to the rent-a-center before time runs out.

    The only other method I know of is using weedeater and hedge trimmer and chainsaw and tarp and rake and humping crap onto the trailer and it is a pita and can take most of a day but you have the lowest cost factor and you keep most of the money.
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    Yeah, I thought about the roundup idea and I would do it with any other customer. The problem is that this customer needs this done yesterday...and actually has a very good reason for it. No problem since we are available to do it, but we can't wait around. I was thinking about a Dingo but I was worried that the items would be a little high for it. Maybe I should try that though.
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    Bring in a skid loader with the Eliminator attachment.
    It will pull out everything roots and all.
    You can use it to load up the brush and debris and roughly smooth out the soil.
    Probably take about an hour.

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