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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by smcguirt, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. smcguirt

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    I have a customer that wants to cleanup his back yard and do some landscaping. He suggested burning the brush but I think it would be cleaner and more time efficent to just load it up and haul it off. I have included some pictures of the yard and would like some feedback on what you guys would charge. I am thinking 2-3K just for the cleanup and removal of all the brush.

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  2. smcguirt

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    Here are the rest of the pics.



  3. Critical Care

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    If you can't get a truck back in there you'll be looking at quite a bit of work and time in just hauling the debris around to the front, not to mention trips back and forth to the dump. Perhaps that's why you're thinking 2-3K. At least to me, if it could be burned safely on site, and if the client is willing to babysit the burning process, then that would be the easiest and quickest route for you.
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    What about getting a chipper and chipping it all up?

    I think that is would haul it out. Might have to cut some branches and logs down to smaller size, but i would rather haul it out than burn it. Don't want a flame to get away and then you could have a real disaster on your hands.
  5. sc8per_7

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    Rent a chipper shredder, and use the mulch in your landscape project.
    I would be in the 3000-4000 range for clean up, equipment and labor
    Good Day, God Bless.
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  7. sildoc

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    I agree with Critical. If it can be piled and burnt then it will be. However, My business does not burn and it is left to the responsibility of the customer to light, maintain, supervise and extinguish the burn pile. Our job is just to build the burn pile.
    I can't imagine anyone paying for dump fees if they have the ability to burn. It would almost cut your bid in half yet you do not have to work as hard. Pile it in piles small enough to manage and let the homeowner take care of it. You will be landscaping within a max of 4 days.
  8. Carolina Cutter

    Carolina Cutter LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 984 guys MUSt live in a very affluential area. That is really not that much work....looked like an area of maybe 50 x 75....and 2 to 3k to build me a burn pile....I think not!

    Good luck on that one!
  9. smcguirt

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    Thanks for the input. The customer doesn't want to do a thing, he wants me to do it all, burning may take several visits.

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    i would rent a big dumpster

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