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Cleanup from hell

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by NNJLandman, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. NNJLandman

    NNJLandman LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,306

    So i get a call not this past fall but the fall before that for a cleanup, right down the street from me Awesome, its close and the guys neighbor wants an estimate as well, okay cool. Give them the estimates dont hear back...oh well next season comes send them a mailer ya know this is a reminder of our services, the guys neighbor calls wants an estimate for a fall cleanup, give it to her she likes it okay ill call u in a few weeks to schedule...never heard from her, spring comes around i sent her a thing about due to weather not all of our customers were able to be serviced of a cleanup please call to schedule. So she calls says alright i want it done, but me and my husband are going to do the front yard....Okay? how much for the backyard....I tell her half the price, then she asks well how much to rake the front yard of dead grass and of the helicopter things, i say an extra $20....now im only $30 away from my original quote....so that really got me going....cleanup is going good, moving along, then she says that playground area over there is mine to....she has a piece of property that is behind another property its probably 12 x 12 and hidden by garage, wow i missed that, so we go to do the playground area....and i tell my worker...leave that bed lets get these leaves out and come back for that bed before we get to bottled up....we forget the bed and now we have twice as many leaves....so last night im relaxing i wont answer my phone in the evening for a customer, they can leave a msg. and if its urgent ill call em back but why should i be bothered, anyway I get the nastiest voicemail....can you explain to me why you left that bed in the back with leaves etc etc, you can explain that to my husband when you meet him in the morning, I was doing an estimate in the morning for him about some other landscape work....so i show up this morning, most nice and calm guy, hes like this is what i want done but she wont let me do it etc, i say ill take care of the bed in the back i got her msg. he says dont worry about it dude, i say your sure hes like yea dont worry, i wish she woulda let you do the whole yard, the back looks great, give him the estimate for the other landscape work, he says do it....how crazy is that, this is just one of those customers i said i havta post the story on lawnsite. thanks for lettin me rant.


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