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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Evins77, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Evins77

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    I have an area one of my clients wants me to clear. But the problem part of the area is there is alot of pretty good size bamboo. Should i just go at with a chainsw? and once ive got it down how do i kill it for good? :confused:
  2. Evins77

    Evins77 LawnSite Member
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    I am going to use aresenal after i get it down. any ideas where to buy?

    OUTLANDER LawnSite Senior Member
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    good luck these things have runners like you wouldnt believe, and just leave 1 and they will start all over again
  4. VO Landscape Design

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    I have a client who has one. She planted in a pot and has since split it open. This Spring will be digging up the whole thing and re potting. Driveway on two sides, railroad ties on one side and one open to the rest of the bed. Shouldn't be too difficult (fingers crossed).
  5. White Gardens

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    Not sure if Aersenal is going to be effective or not. Did not see Bamboo listed in the label.

    Also didn't see if it was rated for residential use. Just said Ag and Non-Ag sites and gave a warning not to use it on lawns.

    Regardless, If you use it, I would paint the stumps of the bamboo with whatever chemical you use not only to minimize unwanted over-spray, but also to minimize off-site damage.

    Is this area in a heavily Populated area? If so I would just stick with RU spiked with a 3-4way ester to get the best results.

    Then let the client know that it will take up to 3 years of treatment in order to possibly eradicate it. At least one spraying a month each season.

  6. greendoctor

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    For bamboo in sensitive areas, I would cut it all down. Then spray all of the regrowth with 2% RoundUp. I hope you understand how Arsenal works. This herbicide goes into the soil and stays there for at least a year. Trees and shrubs whose roots are in a treated area might die. I once used Arsenal in a similar situation to yours. It worked very well on the bamboo. There were areas that were too close to desirable plants. I counseled the landowner about hitting any new sprouts with RoundUp before they got too woody. Last time I checked 2 years later, bamboo is dead and no desirable trees were killed.
  7. cgaengineer

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    We used a skidsteer.
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  8. yardmanlee

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    using a chainsaw will splinter the bamboo and you dont want any splinters from these things, we did an area about 5 years ago about 1200 sq ft used a sawzall,then removed the roots and about 5 inches of soil and put down sod, turn out really nice.

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