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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by jbailey52, Feb 26, 2006.

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    Seems We always get the hard, dirty grunt jobs...
    So here I go:

    Wel cleared an area behind a new house aprox. 40-50 ft Wide, about 150 ft long that was basically a forrest... No trees to clear, but just lots of brush and mess... I rented a New Holland to clear the area.. just ran everything over ripping it up. Cost $300 for 3 days ( From a friend)
    I didnt have to haul anything away rented a 40 yd dumpster $430
    Labor for the 4 days cost me $400
    then, the 144 yds of dirt (90 yds fill, $11 yd 44 topsoil $18 yd) total of: $2005 in topsoil. Basically the topsoil was spread in about 12 hours.

    My question is ( I know Im not asking how much to charge per say) My overhead isnt to high, I dont have a shop... But I do have insurance and truck payments etc... My workers this time of season are just called upon when work is needed.. So if my Total out of pocket for this job is $3135 for the 3 day job... also I spread the topsoil in the machine while the two workers spread... it was a moderate-hard job removing all of the brush and small trees... with all of this considered, what would a resonable markup for profit be? keeping in mind I never gave this customer a estimate, half because he didnt ask for one (although I have known him for years, a friends father, and Maintenance customer) and the other half he was worried about the township so he wanted it done quick. With all of this considered I am worried about giving a friend, a price to high... I have a number in mind, But I want to hold it until later so not to sway anyones opinion.. I would really appreciate some feedback... If you have any other questions, please ask. Also for the site, I will be seeding it and I can price that, he is having pools, bball courts ect. put in then I will be landscaping as well.... Thanks in advance
  2. jbailey52

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  3. LawnScenes

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    The biggest thing you have to ask yourself is... What do you want to make on it? Or what is it worth to you? You know how much your time is worth far better than we do.
  4. jbailey52

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    I know that is where I run into the problem.. I have know this guy for a long time.. he has big $$ and he always gives us his shore house, boat.. bla bla bla.. just a nice guy... and he would want me to make $$ on the job.. but I want to give him a good price... for the 4 days of work it took me and $3300 in materials/labor.. would i dunno 5000 sound right... I really would like to know what others would charge
  5. LawnScenes

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    It's hard to say what I'd charge on a clearing job. I've never been able to come up with a set price since conditions are so different. Some may take you a few days to get done while another site of the same size may take a week or more. Again... It's all about what you feel it's worth. You're in a situation though given a price wasn't negotiated before the job was started.

    If you feel like 425 per day is enough profit... I'd say send him an invoice for 5,000.
  6. eruuska

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    Just doing this one in my head. You've got 3150 out of pocket, you spent 4 days on it. Let's say you spent 32 hours, if your hourly rate is $60, then you need to add in $1920. You need to mark up the rentals at least a little (IMHO), so I'd give him an invoice for $5420.

    So you didn't give him an estimate? Not even a ballpark figure? Hmmm....
  7. baddboygeorge

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    on a job like that the minimum you should be able to profit a day would be a grand so 3 grand plus your expenses an no less !!
  8. CutRight

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    definatly close to $1000 a day profit on a job like that, even if you wanna give him a break figure $100/ hour, $800 a day -----24 hours (3/ 8 hour days) thats $2400 then add your expenses.
  9. jbailey52

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    ok well I really appreciate all of your responses... they are all basically right at where my Idea estimate was... my prob is sometimes I cant imagine a job costing $6,000 just to clear something even though I know how much work it was, so why would anyone else. As for not giving him a ballpark figure.. the truth is... he is a very $$$ guy I know, and is a CEO of his big company.. he is barely ever home... And there is nowhere to call and get a hold of him... he gets messages weeks later... and doesnt have time to call me.. no big deal... he just said " just do it and send the invoice to me at the company" so.. I just wanted to make sure I wasnt outrageous with the price.. seems 5500-6000 is fair

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