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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by allstar, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. allstar

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    When cleaning up properties where the work involves removing bushes,vines and even small trees how do you keep these things from growing back?If I cut them even with the ground,chop up the roots then spray(or even pour) something like ROUNDUP or PROSECUTOR down in there would that do it?Thanks in advance. Jim
  2. DennisF

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    Areas where you clean up heavy brush will always need to be maintained in order to keep the growth down. You can spray chemicals, but in time certain plants will re-seed and infiltrate areas that are not cut back on a regular basis. This is particularly true in the southern states where there is a longer growing season. I've cut back areas with heavy growth of Smilax ( a very invasive vine) only to come back a week or two later to find the vine has grown back over shrubs and trees. The key is continous maintenance.
  3. allstar

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    Right,and I understand that but let's say a customer wants their badly overgrown back yard cleaned up and cleared out somewhat but are not quite ready to till it,sod it and totally landscape it, would applying these chemicals at least delay the inevitable for awhile?Thanks.
  4. satch

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    I use a granular powder called TRI-ATE.It kills everything!Nothing grows for about 12 months.

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