Cleveland, oh: Trailer stolen 4/10/14

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by mow king, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. nate121080

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    I'm assuming by your last sentence that you know how he handles firearms or are you just spewing liberal bs? No offense meant but man that stuff gets old of hearing. Maybe living in a small town most of my life where guns are a big part makes me look at things different from other parts of the country but we love our guns here and our theft is pretty nil. I have never locked my stuff up in 11 years and it's in the front driveway where any passer by could just snatch it.
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  2. bln

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    Leave your gun at home for protection? That is like owning a biz and keeping your commercial mowers at home.
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    Same here but a meth head will do anything most thefts here are from that **** :hammerhead:
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    Tide the problem with open carrying in Ohio there are a lot of liberal anti-Second Amendment people still living up there among our fellow Pro-Second Amendment brothers and sisters and if most of them see a company mowing their yard and employees open carrying, the Sheriff would send in the SWAT teams and all available units if the homeowner makes the 911 call.
    Now I agree with a CCW and heck yes I would carry. I carry all the time myself even at my doctors office, but remember once you get North of KY rules and peoples attitudes change big time.
    I carry mowing my place and my neighbor's place, not for my protection but for water snakes and snapping turtles we had a big problem around here a few years ago, but with me carrying I took care of that problem. LOL

    Not too long ago there was a mowing company in Georgetown Ky that shot at a thief stealing Stihl equipment from their trailer why the man was on his mower, wished he would have gotten the turd.

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    To little to late. But for future reference try pad locking a cable between the rims to and then to a large object. (Works best with tandems) and hide all the locks under the trailer. As a owner don't forget. But as a wanna be thief he most likely will not look under the trailer.
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  6. bare spot

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    happened on a rainy nite, some theives must watch the weather forecast. i was staying at a family members house back in april for short period, someone went through my truck parked in their driveway, made off with a nice sony camera. had a few other things of value in the truck at the time, was only missing the camera but this happened on a rainy nite also.

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