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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by turfman59, Jan 3, 2003.

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    Once again trying to come up with a way to revisit with customers that I have given quotes to that have not installed a sprinkler system yet. I was thinking of sending them a Godiva 4pc chocolate pack with a flyer saying that for 2003 "we our offering " A really sweet deal on a sprinkler system" ... if ordered before May 1st . if I could just get 10% of the clients that I have given time either on the phone or estimates that havent been acted on it would keep me busy at least from may to july. I think it would do better than just a flyer alone and give them a nudge to start thinking about spring,, what month would be a good month to target this March or April...
  2. turfman59

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    I just checked Godivas price on a 4 pc I guess it will be a 2 piece
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    I've never found that a late follow up was effective. I've never found follow up of any kind to be effective. They either bought from someone else or they are not interested because of cost.

    Your time and money would probably be better spent on honing sales and marketing tools and skills. A stiff pre qualification is a must and you must be fairly ruthless. Once it is determined on the phone that they have a budget and a time frame that is realistic with what you need to do, then you msut push for an answer at the appointment. If they are still shopping set up a date and time for a return call after all estimates have been received. If it is a "I want to think about it", ask them what is that they want to think about and answer that objection.

    There is a ton of worthwhile info and skills to be gained from sales courses and books. CD's & tapes you can listen to while driving or brief periods at home are worthwhile. And a refreshher each winter or spring is a must unless your really in a grooove. Then you have to be diciplined enough to use the brain.

    Trust me, its tough.
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    How about for new business? send the flyer to potential clients I know in my community, You know they have the best windows, the best gutters, the best siding or brick, 2 great cars in the concrete drive and have a CRAPPY lawn and landscape. at least sending a small amount would be a good test market for response.... I live in a small community where I have for 43 years everybody pretty much knows me, I would hate like **(() to have someone come in and put a system in without me being involved. My market area is untapped because its not a standard of construction here, but I am starting to see it developing...
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    It can't hurt to try & send them something. Just don't hope for much and whatever you get out of it you will be happy with. You don't know until you try it...who knows...maybe it'll be a great marketing tool for you. Let us know how it works if you follow thru with it.

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