Client penetration rate for flyers


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I think the word 'penetration' may have caused your numbers to be greater.....


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We put out 400-800 every year. We hit the houses around properties we already have first week of March and then second week of March we do some nicer streets and areas close to our shop. We get a handful of properties every year. Again it’s hard to say the exact number we put out. But I do know last year we got 8 weekly properties off of about 500 door hangers. But also my neighborhoods around here are all summer homes. So we hit them on weekends in the Spring when people come down to start getting ready for summer

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So you're going to be starting up a lawn care business and you're going after only higher-end properties? My experience is that client base is hard to penetrate if you're a start-up and don't have a reputation and presence already. Customers in those areas tend to hire larger full-service companies with an established reputation. Furthermore, you better know what you're doing as far as making the lawns look their best. Do you have the skills and equipment to meet their expectations?

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