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Client sign up by text message?

S&M Lawn Care

LawnSite Member
Today I got a text message from someone who wanted my basic weekly service. I texted her back and boom i landed the account. Easiest pick-up of my life. Has anyone else ever used text messaging to get a client?


LawnSite Senior Member
That is weird just something about not seein and meeting with the person face to face i guess i am old fashion but i like to walk the property if at all possible with the people and discuss other things like mulch and flower everyhting else that we can do kind of a way to sell the lawn service and introduce our other services but if this works for you then go for it as long as they pay the bill i dont care if i dont meet them


LawnSite Silver Member
I have gained quite a bit of business from people via e-mail this season. Most of the clients I have picked up I haven't met face to face yet. I always like to at least talk to them by phone before I begin services just to know we are all on the same page but I have quite a few clients who I have never seen before. I have yet to have a client text message me though!