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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ryan41, Jun 14, 2014.

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    Some customers just have unrealistic expectations. I usually try and weed them out before I take them on.

    People who complain about their current landscaper, I ask why they're unhappy, if it's because they want mowed only on Fridays at noon when it's not raining, then say "sometimes he doesn't show up" obviously they're going to be trouble.

    Did a mulch estimate a month ago, gated community with golf course. Asked about topsoil, and I quoted off the top of my head $250 for some soil, seed and straw. She said that's way too much money. It wasn't, it was really cheap, I just wanted to feel her out. I would have worked the money for it back into the mulch if she bit. I never even gave her the full estimate.

    She also wanted a pine cut in half and reshaped to look like it wasn't, and couldn't grasp how that wasn't possible. Then went on to say someone else could do it the way she wants. Never in my life has someone shocked me with stupidity like that.
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    I just take of customer list and don't show back up. If they are that bad that I have to do that THEY ARE BAD! If they call me I just tell them we don't do their yard anymore. If they argue I tell them how Im pretty sure they have been through tons of outfits and if they ever want someone long term they will have to change their ways. *******? yep. do I care? nope!
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    Had a couple like this which we let go as well. I just told them professionally we cannot service your lawn any longer as we are "downsizing" and need to keep routes more manageable. Thank them for the opportunity and keep the bridge in tact.
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    I used to care! The bad ones slowly chip away at me!
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    The issue that makes this sensitive isn't the reaction of the problem client. It's his reputation with the other clients on her route. When he tells her he can no longer service her property with no explanation, or with the explanation that it is due to his own life changes, or whatever it is, she will wonder why he is still working on the other properties on her block. If she starts talking about it with the neighbors, he may have to do damage control.

    ...or he may find out what a PITA she is to the neighbors, as well.
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    I have only had to fire a few customers over the years but when I do I always refer them to one of my freinds who usually gives them a shot. I only work by word of mouth and when you get bad reviews on the old lady network it's really bad for business. Even when you're dumping them, giving them a phone number of someone that might take them on makes you look professional and leaves you holding the higher ground.

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