Clients contact in spring, or just start mowing?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Utah Lawn Care, Oct 11, 2013.

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    This is my first year in the business by myself. We told our clients this is our last week mowing this year unless they contact us later. Looking forward to next year, how do you guys go about starting mowing your clients again? Do you show up and start mowing without any contact with them? Do you make sure to talk to them first and verify they still live there and see if they are ready for you to start? I don't want to mow a lawn for a month to find out someone else lives there and I am not getting paid for it. I am also raising my prices on about 1/3 of my clients, so I would like them to be aware of that before we start.

    Would it be appropriate to send out a letter in March letting all my clients know we will be starting on such and such date and their price for each service is XX amount?

    Let me know what you do, and your thoughts on the matter. Thanks!
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    When I raise prices I do it in person on the first visit in the spring. You call them, I think that's better then waiting on a response from a letter.
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    I send a letter one month before mowing then call about 2 weeks later.
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    What I have done in the past was send my clients a spring letter in Late February. In it I tell them thank you for making the previous year successful etc. if there's a rate hike, I tell them what it is and a projected start date (weather permitting) for their spring clean up and a projected date for mowing. I have never had a complaint to this day!
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    However you left it with your clients is fine. Just as long as you and they are all on the same page with the same understanding then you will be fine. We auto-renew each season, however it's also very nice to send out a "newsletter" or something in the spring - helps remind them of services you offer, etc.
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    I send out a letter 3-4 weeks before it seems we will e mowing saying that I am still doing their lawn and I will be starting when I feel necessary with cleanups and mowing and if they don't contact me then I will just start. Don't have time to call 50 people and ask if I'm still mowing their lawn. Send out a mass letter and leave the ball in their side if the court
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