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Client's giving X-mas gifts


LawnSite Member
Wondering if anyone else got Christmas cards with money,gift cert. candy, or warm clothing? I literally got around 40 cards and gifts with money. I tried to explain I was getting the price I wanted and I should be giving a gift for their business, but most insisted. It's nice to get money, but I like to earn it. Now I feel obligated to do these people first or do something extra.


LawnSite Senior Member
Pittsburgh, PA
I think I'll be eating chocolate until next year at this time. Only a few cards w/$.

I'm going to send them a nice thank you card and forget it. Just service them like everyone else -- nothing extra.


Vandora Lawn & Landscape

LawnSite Senior Member
Baltimore, MD
Whenever a client remembers me, I first off thank them. The thank you notes are a good start. I also remember them when in the work I do for them. When there is something extra I could do for them, like trim a bush or something. Nothing big. They don't even have to know about it. Just be good to them.


LawnSite Senior Member
central Maine
Yardworks, from being on the other end of the gifts, I can tell you that they gave it to you because they wanted to show that they appreciate the good service they've gotten. No need to reciprocate. Maybe say "hi", wave or small talk through the year.



LawnSite Member
I am not here
We always send out Holiday Cards. Our last billing of the year with our montly newsletter we sent out a reply card asking "how are we doing (or did this past season). I know where improvement may be needed.
We send out various items like fruit baskets to holiday flowers we order thru Harry & David for clients whom have spent over $10,000 during the season. we also give to a charity during the season. We typically recieve in return anything from $25 up to $500 in tips from clients. I do not expect any tips from clients but it is nice when we are thought of at this time of the year
Cheers !
I even got 200.oo from one customer note said your awesome. dont expect gifts but that is what a real good customer will do to show appreciation. I also give $75.00 wine and cheese baskets to the customers over $10,000 gross one customer got me another 20,000 $$$$$ account i took him 150.00 worth of firewood and stacked it by new pool house where he spent christmas. The customers always like it when we do little things like check heating oil or propane levels, or shovel to a dog kennel during christmas. Sometimes tje little things you do make a big differance.My goal has been to GRow to where i do complete maintenance/snow rem. year round on ten large estate properties. I have six and over chritmas i was asked to quote #7. This kind of client is very demanding but very rewarding. jammin