Clients that cancel or no-show!

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by SprinklerGuy, Jun 19, 2003.

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    Well I have a new employee. He used to own an irrigation company in Nebraska and he is great! He is learning the ropes in drip....coming along nicely. It is quite refreshing actually to have an employee to comiserate with over bad days...such as this:

    How do you guys handle clients that cancel the morning of their appointment because "their neighbor fixed it" ? How do you handle clients that aren't home?

    My Nebraska employee is shocked by their behavior and also shocked that I make people stay home for their appointments in most cases. He says most of his clients were never home and never cancelled. I told him that is for several reasons, in my opinion: 1 - He had many repeat clients over the course of 20 years in repeats don't cancel either, nor do I make them stay home. 2 - He came from the Midwest where values are different than the nomadic area of Phoenix, Arizona! Busier lifestyles etc.

    Before you start in on "my customers don't do that".....I want honest opinions here. Consider my situation. I have 4 techs now. I am scheduling them 5 appointments each day. That is 20 appointments. 50% of those are new clients usually. The new clients generally are the culprits. They call on Monday, we schedule for Tuesday. We call when on way and they either say: Got it fixed already, or don't need you anymore! Luckily we don't just go over there! But...we have probably turned away jobs to schedule theirs and it highly inconveniences us...especially my office manager who then has to scramble around for more appointments later in the day...not to mention find appointments that fit the route!

    Sorry for the rambling.....chime in if you like!
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    If it is chronic, a guarantee by credit card like a hotel room might help. 24 hr cancellation policy and don't book them sooner than 2-3 business days out.
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    It is chronic enough to piss me off......a credit card guarantee is an idea we've kicked around.....the ones that don't want to do that are probably the same ones that would if they resist maybe you don't want them anyway......

    another round of paperwork that sounds like!!

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