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  1. jsfrk

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    Would you say that you all keep the same clients year after year? Like if I sign up 30 clients for the season, will I have those same 30 the following year. Do they pretty much stick with your business? I wouldn't think you would lose them if you building a good relationship.
  2. fga

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    you always lose some. no matter how good your service is. there's always somebody who will undercut you a nickel, and they'll always be a customer who will drop you to save that nickel.

    advice, do your best and don't take it personally when you lose some.
  3. 1MajorTom

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    In my opinion, "no".
    I'd say it's 50% good relationship, and 50% luck on keepng a client. Because no matter how hard you try to establish open communication, good service and a good relationship with your customer, something is bound to happen. They pass away, move away, find a relative to service their lawn. So no matter what you do, you are still going to have some turnover of clients. It's bound to happen.
  4. Trevors Lawn Care

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    Happened today. Ladys husband just finished his last course in college, and after friday he will take over. She praised me up an down for the good work we did while it lasted but like stated above it happens for various reasons. Only second cancellation this whole season..

  5. jbell113

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    I lost several this year, 1moved, another owns 2 houses now and cant afford me, 1 just decided to start doing it herself, so you can count on losing some but you know it seems like when I lose 1 I get 2 replacements.It will all work out somehow especially if you have advertisements out there.

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