Climate change effects on the green industry?

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Do you believe in climate change

  1. Hoax

  2. Yes

  3. Potentially it could be a problem

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  1. TPendagast

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    There SHOULD be more than two parties tho
    The campaign laws that turn this country into a two party system is ridiculous.
    There’d be a lot less problems if voters weren’t so railroaded.
  2. TPendagast

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    Amount many others have been proven to be able to recognize their own reflections.
    All mammals express the same range of emotions humans do; fear, love, happiness, loneliness, sadness... etc
    Raccoons and chimps have both proven to be able to solve puzzles.
    Dolphins can solve math problems
    Apes learn sign language.
    I have taught dogs which birds to hunt instead of all of them and my daschund knows my bag limit on rabbits ... he literally knows when it’s time to stop hunting for the day.
    I have human hunting buddies that screw that up.

    I don’t deal with birds much , but according to my wife some of the higher species have similar characteristics.

    HOW sentient are they?
    It’s debatable
    Are we “supposed to eat them”?
    The Bible says yes, sparingly.... pretty sure we’re not intended to eat 23 oz steaks...
    We probably shouldn’t have as many cattle as we do
    Maybe they would burp less because we would have less cattle that were fed better.
    But in the end , they’re cattle... their purpose is... well to be eaten.

    in my opinion raising animals is supposed to teach us things... like how to treat people better and care for those/supply things for them that they cannot.

    we don’t raise our own animals or grow our own food
    (Most of is dont)
    The farther we get from doing those things and learning those lessons the more awry our societies and planet are.

    that’s just an opinion/ observation though.
    There’s no science behind that
  3. Michael J. Donovan

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    I've asked several times to not make this political but some can't help themselves so closing this one out
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