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  1. a new trailer is on the plan but need those number to go on bidding process. My idea a ton is 1 cubic yard of compost or 2-3 cubic yard of clip. Does it make sense?
  2. 1 cubic yard of compost/mulch is about 1000 pounds. 1/2 ton.

    Grass clippings can weigh lots lots more. Just think, a 1 acre lawn can give you 6000 puonds of grass clippings.

    Grass clippings weigh 3 to 4 times more than compost/mulch.

    I would strongly suggest thinking this one through a lot harder and longer.
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    As with anything the amount of moisture is going to be the biggest determining factor in weight. Our dg hw bark mulch weighs approx. 1,000 #/ yard, compost weighs about the same unless it is wet and then it may weigh as much as topsoil. Grass clippings because of there moisture are quit heavy in relation to volumn.
  4. Thanks for the input.

    Wish to haul up to 3 yard of compost or mulch(average qty needed on most res. job) . If i need more, transport is available.

    Hoppefully, i mulch more than baggins.

    Will go on a gooseneck, at least 16', 6 000 pounds axle.

    2/3 for cargo space, 1/3 for a vrac dump box.

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