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Clip Changes

Discussion in 'CLIP Software' started by ELDLLC, Oct 15, 2004.


    ELDLLC LawnSite Member
    Messages: 2

    I have been using CLIP for the last two years, my company has used it for 3. I am the office "geek" and I'm the one they go to when there are questions. However I find my self with questions of my own and thru calling CLIP and doing some searching I find that sometimes like its missing something.

    Like today for example, I was figuring a way to make our 7 Step Fert Program more efficient with CLIP.

    I had 7 step set as one job, and in "Schedule" where you can pick once a week or bi weekly, theres also a selection where you can set a number of days between jobs.

    We start our 7 step program in March, and its done every 42 days or 6 weeks until the max times per year hit 7.

    Now as part of being a full service company, we do lawn service
    so in addition to the above conditions we have to do the fert after the guys cut, otherwise it seems wasted. So its don the day after its been cut.

    So here come the clever part, or so I thought.
    I thought I would split the 7 Step program into 7 separate jobs.
    and globally replace the dates each year.

    Well my problem is that not all of our customers have signed up for the 7 Step program. So what I need to do is take a list of the customers that have the seven step now, and add the new 7 jobs for the fert program.
    and then go back and delete the old job. Seems reasonable enough.

    Well you can mass add a job to all your customers, by going into your pattern and going to the job you want to add and hit the job detail tab, in the job detail page you will see a button, add to all customers. (only in clip pro).

    once you hit the button, add to all customers you have 2 options, add to all customers or custom condition. Add to all customers, i can't use, and so i tried the custom condition option, you can only pick customer related fields, now after tinkering around i found that didn't do much for me either.

    what I really needed is to use custom condition, and use the job info set, and make a condition that will let me add job 51 (my new job) to all customers who have job 41 (my old job) and then i would just repeat for job 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, & 57. And when I'm done delete all the job 41's.

    I called Clip and the tech support that clip could do all or nothing, and that i would have to put the job on hold for each of customers who didn't sign up for that job. We have 400 accounts and I cant sit in front of the computer all day just to set up 1 job.

    And this is just one instance i found myself just frustrated with CLIP, and how I feel that somethings are just missing.
  2. OP

    ELDLLC LawnSite Member
    Messages: 2

    I hope something can be done about this in the next update, I'm not tring to be a jerk, It would be nice
  3. dkmathias

    dkmathias LawnSite Member
    Messages: 11

    You can actually do what you are looking to do right now in the program.

    What we suggest is that you use one of the custom fields in Customer to determine which customers are your 7 Step fert and which are on some other program. Then you could add the jobs you want by using the newly created field that identifies your customers who are on the 7 Step program.

    We'll take a look at adding the job using the jobs database, but each time you add jobs the conditions are going to change. Using the custom field in customer, in most cases, the conditions won't have to change.

    David K. Mathias
    VP - Sales and Support
    Sensible Software, Inc.
  4. GreenUtah

    GreenUtah LawnSite Senior Member
    from SLC, UT
    Messages: 866

    So why didn't you just use the day of the week check offs and have the job unavailable until after the cut day each week? If the cut day is not changing, it would seem easy to do that way. We also use the same custom day schedule, assigned to a work crew number, to space spray jobs at 40 days before they come available. Anytime we encountered a customer who said not to spray on particular days for mow crews, we just check off that day and the one before and it never shows on route sheets printed for those days. Your version will do that, right? It's an old version of Classic that we used to manage over 2k spray customers that way.
  5. OnHandLawnCare

    OnHandLawnCare LawnSite Member
    Messages: 25

    I just did this same thing coming from 1 job set up for every 45 days on that respected customers day.

    add to all customers button with a custom condition worked although I had to specify fert customer numbers to add job to; instead of adding to all old or current clients with old job number for last 9 yrs.

    condition included this
    CUSTOMER.NUM = 845 OR CUSTOMER.NUM = 2692 OR CUSTOMER.NUM = 2773 OR CUSTOMER.NUM = 661 OR etc etc 90 times.the once for other 6 new jobs copy n past works nice.

    now the next steps were to change in crew route long page:
    change all days to customer respect day
    change any prices if not generic pattern price
    copy mapsco page
    route number if you do not have map point

    then off to each customer in file maintenance to:
    add any notes to each 7 new jobs
    then delete that old 1 job

    next visit date is wrong since its set for generic pattern job tuesday date for each job. it will be ok once that job rolls around and you skip for 3 days then it scheduled for regular customer day.

    now all jobs are set up for certain months and customers days. after initial year all job dates will be correct.

    left old job in pattern to use for 1 time clients
  6. dkmathias

    dkmathias LawnSite Member
    Messages: 11

    Just a note, with the new version of CLIP, named CLIPxe, you can set up Programs and Rounds very easily. We have created a whole separate section that tracks all of your Programs (7 step, 3 step, whatever) and allows you to add that to a customer's account as needed. You can turn certain visits to Active, Skip or Hold that determines when and how these will be handled.

    Since the Program is sequential, you can be sure that Round 2 doesn't come up until Round 1 has been done for X number of days.

    There is also a special place for Chemicals and Pricing sheets that allow you set up pricing based on square foot, you can adjust the price accordingly depending on the difficulty factor.

    If you are interested in CLIPxe, please contact your sales person at 800-635-8485 X 1.

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