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Discussion in 'CLIP Software' started by clive, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. clive

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    We are a small domestic design & build company based in the UK. We have QuickBooks pro for accounting. We have for some time looked at software and paper less systems to collect actual times to under take tasks on site and analyse profitability by type: big jobs v little jobs, decking v planting etc. having looked at your web site I have a number of questions:
    Would Clip be compatible with our UK ver. of QuickBooks?
    I had assumed my best option for collecting data on site would be to use a PDA, but having just watched your online presentation, perhaps a mobile phone system might work better. Would the Clip connect system be compatible with UK phones?
    Are there any plans for a UK ver. and if not would this matter?
    How can I get a copy of the demo ver? I tried the web site but it was returning an error

    Many thanks
  2. DaveTucker

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    Lots of questions here, thanks for asking!
    1. qCLIP is compatible with all versions of QB. The basic QB engine is the same for all QB versions.
    2. qCLIP does not come in a UK version but it is not necessary to have a specific UK version.
    3. CLIPConnect is web based so if you have cell phones that can access the internet, CLIPConnect will work for you. CLIPConnect is better than a PDA since it is real time.
    4. I am forwarding your question about downloading a demo to our Web manager. He will be in contact with you.

    Thanks for looking at the presentation. We are here to help you succeed.

    Also, if you are truly trying to become a paperless office, you need to look at our other product as well, KnowItAll. This performs the functions of creating a knowledge base, document manager and contact manager all in one spot, using key words to find the information. The concept is patent pending. It has helped 100's of companies keep their corporate knowledge and be able to "switch" employees from one task to another without training! It also eliminates your paper files while making them even easier to access than a well-organized filing cabinet.

    Take a look at it at

    Dave Tucker
  3. clive

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    Thanks Dave for the promt reply. I look forward to hearing from you guys regarding the demo.
  4. dkmathias

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    Please contact me directly regarding the download.

    My Email address is

    I need to know the exact error message received when attempting to download the demo from our website.


    David Mathias
  5. clive

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    Cheers David email sent

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