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I've used Clip with good results, I thought it was very user frendly. I really like the routing sheets which contain the following:

  • Customer name, address, H&W numbers
  • Date last mowed
  • How many days the mowing was late
  • How many mowings to date
  • Start and stop times for time keeping
  • Mileage and frequency log

I downloaded the LawnMonkey demo but was not impressed with the routing sheets which came out with basically the customers name. I was using the pre-installed data but just not impressed. My 30 trial has expired and I've was too busy to sit there for hours trying to figure it out without a book.

I've read about LM and how good their support is, just looking for ideas!



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It would take a truck full of lawn mowing monkeys to make me change from clip.I have used clip for 7 years . It can do more than I need . I use it for my rte. sheets but love it for my sceduling and billing . At the begining of each season I schedule all my jobs that the customers request . Only thing yuu can't schedule is snow removal. At the end of each day it takes less than a minute to record the days work . Billing is fast also . I like it . I don't need to try anything else.


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On Lawn Monkey's Route sheet you can customize it to include all kinds of info. You evidently just looked at the basic format.


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Yeah they do have good support Ray! Why don't you call them - I'm sure they'll walk you through route lists. Took me a while to format mine to my liking but my route lists look awesome, all color coded with the history of the last 5 visits, customer complaint history, and a task check-off list based on the type of job. + got bar codes on them to zip through my lawn apps with my Spark. Work with it!



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I love LM. route list are Fantastic, email Me your template for your route list. I want to check it out, Mine seem to leave to much space inbetween each cutomer even when i say 0 on the print screen. I would love to see your ormat though.
Thanks or


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Thanks for the reply's! Someone from Lawn Monkey was contacted by someone here about my post and they contacted me! WOW, very impressive. My trial had ended but they told me how to both upgrade my software and get an extension on my demo. I like the look of the newest version and will try it out tomorrow, need the Pro version for spraying apps. not sure about the spending $700 + though.


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