CLIP vs Grndskpr ?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by David Shaw, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. HBFOXJr

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    I looked at stuff for 6-8 yrs and chose QXpress from Alocet. Best all around there is. I have alot of different needs in scheduling and data keeping and it meets them all. Interfaces with Quick Books and if you do your own booking it's great.

    For those that think they don't need all of whatever, too much money etc. I''ll say this. We do our own accounting and payroll here. It on ly cost me a few hundred dollars to have my business and personal taxes prepared once per year. If your paying high hundreds or over a $1,000 rethink what you are buying and what it can do for you. There is nothing like an instant P&L any time you want to look at your numbers and make changes.

    It is better to spend more than you planned, than less than what you should have.
  2. Sean Adams

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    Support and price certainly mean a lot when it comes to software. My advice is to get a demo from every company you are interested in and compare apples to apples.
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    Can you have multiple users with some of the other programs?
  4. HBFOXJr

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    Yes, QB and QXpress both are network capable. I use mine in a 2 pc, peer to peer network.
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    Sounds to me like you & Paul got everything ironed out okay! Alocet is the way to go whether its Lawn Monkey or QExpress. We still use Lawn Monkey & have the Quick Books Link. Very good program. They have minor upgrades throughout the year (free) and annual ones (major add-ons) that are requested by end users. The annual upgrades costabout $300.00 You are NOT obligated to purchase them unless you so desire. Also as mentioned before, they have unmatched tech support on this forum for LM and on the QExpress forum(have to get that one on your own) through

    BTW, We just incorporated and changed our company name. It took me less than 30 seconds to change this info and cost me $0.00!

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    I have use Clip for a couple of years now. I will admit the software has helped my company grow to several hundred clients. The problem I have with Clip is:

    1. There support absolutely sucks, If any of us run our business the way they handle there customer support we would be out of business.
    Example: You pay about $300 for 45 min. technical support.
    If you go over, expect to pay about $6 a min.
    If you have a problem and call them. Don't expect to reach a live person. You will need to leave a number and wait around your office all day (as if your time isn't important) for them to call you back. In there manual If they call you back and you aren't in your office they reserve the right to charge you (min. of 5 min.) page 19
    of their user manual.
    If you have minutes left on your technical support at the end of the year, they take them off and you have to re buy.

    **Also at $6 a minute, You would expect to talk to an expert on the software, NOT A YOUNG INEPT KID. The last kid put me on hold for several minutes.

    2. I guess when I buy a product, I expect for it to work. Not to have a bunch of defects, because the company didn't take the time to work out the bugs.. THEN HAVE THE NERVE TO CHARGE ME WHEN I CALL TO HAVE THEM FIXED.
  7. HarryD

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  8. Mack

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    I had Clip and just got rid of it. I got Peachtree Accounting 2003 and my wife loves it. She does all the computer work and could not be happier. Also we got it for 164.00 with a 164.00 rebate so it was free except the 10.00 sales tax. Good luck
  9. walker-talker

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    Like Sean says, try them all and compare apples to apples. Lawn Monkey was the sweetest apple for me.

    Good Luck
  10. greenngrow

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    I spoke with a tech at Groundskeepers. I was getting the newest version sent to me. I have had the groundskeepers program for about a year. I will be honest it has just sat there. I have used it one time. I am mainly in lawn apps and it GK falls short on the content.

    The Tech was telling me that in about a year they are coming out with a totally new GK with all the bells and whistles.. A lot of new things in the program. It will be at a higher price, but everyone that has the older version will be able to purchase at a discounted price. I think the price of the new is $400 plus. So if you purchased the old program you be able to purchase for what ever the difference is.

    I have a friend that has Clips. He likes it but the support sucks and you have to pay for the updates. GK at the present does have good tech support and free updates. Who knows what will have with the new program.

    MY GOAL this year is to use Grounds Keeper to it fullest potential

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