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  1. amym

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    I am looking for some info on "Clip". I have heard some about it, but would like to hear more.
    This is our first year in business, and I have discovered that my computer skills aren't great. I could use some help. I have been looking for some software, and Clip and lawnmonkey are pretty much the only ones that I have heard anything about. Any suggestions welcome.
  2. Mid Rivers

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    I aksed the same question earlier and got a reply to use the search command and type in Clips. The search commend is very useful in this web-site. I would second what I was told. After doing that I got more info.

    Opinions are like a#@holes, everyone has one. The best thing I have came up with is try it, they usually have a trial period. If at the end of the trial period you don't like it send it back and get your money back.

    I am trying Clips.

  3. eslawns

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    on this site:

    look under "back issues" in March 1999, there was a computer supplement section in the magazine. It may have some useful information. I use CLIP, but there are other programs out there. BTW, there was also a less extensive article in April, 98. Good hunting.

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