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    I mow several lawns that request the clippings be bagged. As much as I hate doing it, I charge extra and do it. Looking back of the time involved, wear on equipment, and the hassel it's not worth it. I don't want to lose the accounts, but bagging suc.. How can one convince customers they don't need to be bagged?
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    When I switched over from picking up clippings and leaves to just chopping them, I found out the hardest customers to sell on this idea was the elderly. I convinced a 97 year old and a couple in their 80's to do it by telling them, &quot;Let me try it and if your not satisified, I'll go back to picking it up again, but there will be an increase in price if you make me pick it up again&quot;. I already knew I could make it look better not picking it up and do it faster by using the method I mentioned in the Article I wrote on Clippings on my web pages. My customers agree, their lawn looks better now than when I picked them up. I put my lawn vac in storage several years ago and never plan to use it again. I'll send you the same picture that's on my site if you think that will help convince them. Also mention, the clippings are a natural fertilizer for their lawns. :)<p>----------<br>Eric@ELM<br>
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    Hi, you could also try to teach old dogs new tricks. Gather some literature on grasscycling off the internet or your local county extension and study it well. Explain to them the benefits of leaving the clippings on the ground and take it from there. If they don't buy the idea then make them your last mandatory bagging customers. In the future, as you pick up more customers explain to them in advance that you primarily mulch clippings and only in extreme cases ie. heavy growth or heavy leaves. We don't bag at all in the summer. The Dixie Choppers do an excellent job of dispersing and/or mulching. Educate your customers to the benefits and you will prove, over time, that their yards will begin to look much better. One analogy you can use is: how many farmers do you see bagging their left overs after harvest! I believe it gets turned under to become organic and enrich the soil for the next year.
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    Exmark has a wonderful brochure on mulching/recycling. Pick up a few from your local dealer. That brochure was all I needed to convince the boneheads. Oh, and doing a neat job is good too.
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    I just drop the customers that require bagging. They are just not worth the time involved! If they want it bagged som much i refer them to a guy that does bag them.
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    Uhhh lawncare, not that it really matters but how bored do you have to be to answer a question originally asked over three years ago???? I mean congrats on using the search feature, and telling us what you do but wow, things must realllyyyy be slow.

    Have a good holiday

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    Now that's using the search feature!

    Bamaturfguy was me back then!

    Pretty neat to see me up there under a different name.
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    Well I'd never get bored reading a reply or post from Eric ELM (El jefe)
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    I'm really board what else do you expect me to do?
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    Open presents and pig out!

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