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the south
For those of you that bag your grass, where do you all dump your grass?? The nearest place for me is 20-25 minutes away, and that prohibits me from bagging as much as I would like to. Any ideas would be helpful.


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Edwardsville IL
I dump them on my compost pile out behind the shop. Between grass clippings, leaves and a little topsoil, makes an excellent compost mixture, and have finally started selling some of the final product. Money made off of money I already made. Who said money doesn't grow on trees (compost piles) Marc


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McMurray, PA
This is a real problem. I too do much bagging and the issue is a huge time sink. But, the customers expect and demand bagging.

I have a dump site about 15 minutes away, but navigating the yard is often a real challenge (mud, slick roadways, no room to turn with a trailer, etc). Last season, I spent time and effort to improve getting the clippings into plastic bags for the trash hauler. I had trouble in the past with a different hauler -- one came at me one time with a tire iron, "...those are your problem, not mine, ... don't ever leave them here again!" Yea, there were some other words thrown in the mix too, I'll skip those for this post. The new hauler wasn't a problem last season.

But, now I have a real problem. Last season, my community had five days of pickups. I would mow the day before pickup, put the clippings in the bags at the curb and leave them. The rule is "put out trash after 6:00 pm, but nobody had a problem for the full day. As of Jan 1, the hauler changed procedures. He now puts five times as many trucks, and picks up all trash on Monday. This means that I cannot leave anything at the curb any longer. I can't put the full bags by the house and expect the customer to haul them to the curb on Sunday night.

I'm going to have to dispose of the clippings myself. I have a debris trailer at my house. I dump in the debris trailer on a daily basis, from my equipment trailer, then take the debris trailer to the dump as needed. I can get about 3 cu yds, or 2,500#. I have to fork the load out of the trailer -- it is not a dump trailer.

I work solo, am 62, so am not looking to invest piles of money into equipment at this stage. But, I sure would like to find a better way, both in terms of effort and time, to get rid of these clippings. PLEASE, no discussion here about the merits/demerits of bagging/mulching -- that has been discussed too often.

I have spent time looking for a dumpster hauler for compost able materials. I thought that if I could get somebody to bring a 10 cu yd dumpster to my house, I could empty into it, until full. However, I cannot find anybody who will deal in compost able materials. They seem to be willing to haul building materials (lumber, roofing, etc), but no compost able products.

I had been using barrels (44 gal Brute) on my equipment trailer. I fill them while working, then dump them into my debris trailer. I've eliminated the space on my trailer for the barrels, but am going to try hauling bulk. I've built a bin in the front of my trailer, and intend to dump from the mower, then fork out when I get home. I only started mowing yesterday, and dumped about 15 mower bags. Forking out worked well, but I may get tired of this soon. The barrels were hard to dump into, and were about 125# when full - a heavy load for my age and strength.

Maybe somebody has some suggestions to help -- thanks.


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Auburn Ga
I personally dump the grass in the island of my own yard. It makes great mulching and helps with the soil as it decomposes, let alone assist with keeping the plants and trees moist in the dry seasons, then in fall I cover it with Pine Straw in which I would do anyways. It's a thought

General Grounds

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:blob3: if you have the space and a loader (skid or tractor) we have a disposal company drop a 40 yard container in the yard and i load it once a week or so, i have them on a 1st and 15th schedule for pull and replace the dumpster, its about $300 for the dumpster service, sure beats the $1500 i used to spend a month at the dump. tony