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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jaymo3141, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. jaymo3141

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    I've got a Toro 21" Heavy Duty walk behind mower and when I mow tall grass or damp grass it gets clogged up frequently. I have to stop what i'm doing, take off the bag, clear all the grass out of the airway then put the bag back on. This makes some lawns take forever. Is there a better way to unclog the mower while it's still running ant the bag is fully attached? Thanks for your help.
  2. ztman

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    Don't cut when the grass is wet.
    If you have to cut when wet, offset the deck so you are not cutting a full pass of wet grass, or cut first with out the bagger and then go over the lawn with the bagger on. Will take more time, but over all I would assume less than stopping to unclog the bag chute all the time.
  3. jaymo3141

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    that doesn't work, if you cut wet grass without the bag it just builds up underneath the lawn mower until the blade can't move anymore. then you have to get under the lawn mower and scrape all the grass out.
  4. BigFish

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    Couple of things, try cutting with the deck a tad lower in the front, or could be a worn out blade. Might wanna bump the RPMs up a tad. The motor will run all day long at 3600 rpm, but you really don't wanna go quite that high, do ya??
    Most commercial cutters prefer the higher RPMs. Not really recommended for a harry homeowner though!
  5. jaymo3141

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    well i usually run it at full speed (rabbit setting). also i've tried putting the front wheels down. I suppose it's just something i'm going to have to deal with. i thought maybe there was a quick fix or a trick i was unaware of.
  6. bjack312

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    The Toro deck design does not lend itself to mowing wet grass. The narrow opening gets clogged, nothing really can be done except slowing down to a crawl.

    The only answer that I can offer, if you have to mow when it's wet, is to look at the Honda HRC. It will bag wet grass all day long without clogging.

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