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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by greenmonster304, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. greenmonster304

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    the other day we were rebuilding a few zones at a job i did a few years ago after a pool install. My guy was digging the new pipe over to the old valves when he calls me over and shows me the wire he uncovered. At first I thought it was the cable but then we found the other two buried 10". It was the service that the owner just had converted from overhead to buried. best I can tell they didn't want to damage the irrigation pipes so they just hand dug under where all the pipes left the manifold. I was pissed off that someone could be so stupid so I told the customer to call her electrician and tell him he has to fix it or she will call the inspector.

  2. WalkGood

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    Maybe Sparky doesn't have a tape measure that goes to 18"?
  3. 1idejim

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    huge reason that i promote site mapping and locating.

    the pool contractor should have provided an asbuilt to the home owner and the electrician also should have provided the same. you should have been apprised of any modifications near your work and you should have traced the wire and verified the location before digging since you own a 521.

    happy ending though, everyone's alive :clapping:
  4. bcg

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    Maybe sparky also forgot that he needs conduit. Crap like that scares the hell out of me.
  5. mitchgo

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    Yesterday my shovel pulled up what I though was funny pipe 12" down.. Ended up being the 1/2" flex gas line. The gas meter was 10' away.. Scary ****!
  6. irrig8r

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    Actually, as I recall (and if it hasn't changed) he doesn't need conduit if it's 18" and gray colored UF Romex, however that white indoor Romex won't fly.
  7. WalkGood

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    Scary when you put a shovel through regular romex that is just 6 inches down.

    Another irrigator I know cut into the phone lines for a whole street. Either the phone co. or the developer buried the line less than 5 or 6 inches down right next to the curb, in that narrow strip between the street and the sidewalk. Ran it all up and down the street. Phone company tried to bill the irrigator for the repairs. After arguing about the (lack of) burial depth the Phone Co stopped hassling him.

    I found same thing once for street lamps, line was 5 or 6 inches down. I was lucky and did not cut it.
  8. AI Inc

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    around here its 12" protected or 18" unprotected.
  9. bobw

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    Was at a house last week meeting with the home owner and the landscaper to discuss the major re-do of the backyard. I spotted Romex coming up onto the patio and hooking into a hot tub. Both the homeowner and the landscaper blew off my concerns with having the electrical service in the way as it was done to code and was 18" down. Two hour later the landscaper cut the line with his excavator... line was about 4" below grade.
  10. WalkGood

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    Had same scenario with pool wiring. Homeowner calls their electrician who ran the wiring, he swears it is 18 inches deep. Within minutes of pulling poly, snagged up the romex (not even UF wire). Was only 4 or 5 inches deep. 20 amps can blow a pretty deep notch into the puller blade edge.

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