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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by greenmonster304, Jul 9, 2010.

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    We cut a fiber optic line the other day, that the line locate company didnt mark. Gas, electrical was marked, but FIOS wasnt.

    it also took the company 3 days to get out there and repair the line once my guy trenched through it. I guess they are short staffed.

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    Isn't that why they tell you to "Call before you dig"?? No matter what? I mean that's how people Die, we had a city worker get electrocuted and die a few years back with a similar instance, the locators only located 1 wire, when there were like 5 right next to each other... Sometimes I think they send out inexperienced locators...
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    I think that most of us do use our local "Call before you dig" services. The problem is that they miss items on the locate.

    Or, people know that the line is in a spot, but they dig on top believing that it is at the depth required by code and it is not. I know that we are supposed to hand dig over the marked lines, but many people will trench or pull across if the line is supposed to be much deeper than they plan on digging.

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    Yeah, true.....
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    I've seen them miss by several feet. About 15 years ago a friend of mine was using his Bobcat to make holes for 36" and 48" boxed trees I was installing at a jobsite that was a residential site for a Catholic religious order.

    Good thing I was down in the holes with a shovel. We uncovered a 6 inch electrical conduit on one side of where a Redwood was supposed to go, so I suggested we move over a bit, where we uncovered a 4 or 5 inch gas line.

    Neither was deeper than 12 inches and the Underground Service Alert locate service missed them both.

    The distance between them was less than the blade width, so he coulda hit them both at the same time and we would have made the evening news.

    I called the LA and told her we had to find a new spot for the tree. :laugh:

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    I've seen this happening more and more, what's going on? Lazy workers, bad training, education, what? We're talking about people lives here, you would think they would have proper equipment & training to make sure this never, ever happens.....
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    Here they don't mark any private utilities so the customer drop line (from the transformer to the meter) or any lines run after the panel aren't going to get marked. I make it a habit to trace the AC interference with the 521 on installs so I know where the drip line is at least.
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    Our "call before you dig" number will only mark the public utilities. If you need to locate anything else, you need to call a private locating company.

    On our commercial sites, we're finding that the advertised two day notice period has now stretched past a week due to back logs (i.e. locators are busy doing all the little resi locates...). We've started using the private locators on commercial sites as we can't stomach week plus delays...
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    In our case we were no more than 5 feet from the sidewalk where they should have marked them where they came in from the street (before any meters). They were off by more than 2 feet on the electrical, and didn't mark the gas.
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    you're somewhat correct, but if you don't fully understand markings and hand dig zones you can get screwed

    you guys should read the cal/nev usa book

    it is pretty standard for the industry and should be read and understood, causing damage, injuries or death can be plenty serious

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