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Anbody else ever have any real wierd close calls?. On Friday we where cutting a lawn and one of the people that works for me was cutting the back yard and i was cutting the next store. after he finished cutting and trimming be went to the back yard to move some lawn furniture. About 30 seconds after he came out of the back yard we herd a crash and went to see what it was. A hudge limb about 14" in dia had fallen from about 30 feet right where he was just standing. If he had been the 30 seconds later he probly would have been killed. The brach was hudge and it was realy wierd because there was no wind or any thing it was a real calm peaceful day and it just fell. The next day we went to cut it up and at the spot where it was broken there was only about 1 1/2 of wood and the rest was hollow but the rest of the limb was alive and solid. it was a real scary experience. Out of all 168 hours in the week it picks the hour we are the to fall. I guess that's just my luck.

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So, did you go to church today? I have had not just once but 3 times a limb fall just after leaving my driveway. On all three ocassions my truck was parked there and would have caused damage. Freak things in nature!!!! HMMMMMMMM.<p>Adam :)


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A lake property I maintain has alot of old trees. Three times last year I arrived to find huge branches laying in yard. I would make quick work under the trees. Windy days and old trees, just another hazzard.<p>Be careful folks


We finished mowing one property as a really ugly t'storm was blowing in. Right after we left lighting smacked a tree in the back yard, literally blowing it to splinters, scattering wood shrapnel for almost 90 feet. I'm just as glad we were gone by then. The next week I could not understand where all teh wood splinters came form until I looked up and saw this huge gash blown in the side of the tree


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Last summer we were mowing a lawn & the road there takes a sharp curve.<br>My wife was on the Z in the front when a stupid kid in a Geo storm thinks he's king of the G-pad & tries to take the curve at 35. <br>He lost control & came up right into the lawn we were mowing & crossed thru the front corner & into the side street.<br>Had he been 30 sec. earlier or later he would have hit my wife.<br>I got in the truck & chased after him. They all thought it was funny. He's lucky I didn't catch him.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>


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&lt;B&gt;CHAINSAW&lt;/B&gt;<br>One Saturday morning a 8 or 9 years ago I was doing some chainsawing. By myself. No body home. Didn't look like any neigbors were home. In-experienced with chain saws. AND I was extremely hungover. JUST NOT A GOOD COMBINATION.<p>I'm sawing through this trunk, and all of the sudden I feel this happen:<br>1 Wrists twist<br>2 Hard bump on the head<br>3 Hard slap on my thigh<p>I'm sitting seeing stars trying to figure out what happened and I realize the chain saw is still reving as I'm clinching it really tight.<p>Turned out (I think) that I sawed through the trunk and the chain saw spun out. At the same time the tree fell down and smacked me on the head (small tree 10 inch diamter, 45 feet high). As I fell to the ground the chain saw slammed on my thigh. My lucky break was the chain had flown off the saw when it spun out so I was safe - otherwise I doubt I'd be hear today writing in this forum. <p>DUMB STUFF. Advise to everyone else - take a course with these things. I was just a dumb college kid back then, I couldn't dream of being that stupid now.

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