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    This is something that we do at work once a month at our safety meetings. It gives us a chance to go over incidents that have occured throughout the month (if its a more serious incident we talk about it that day) that could have very easily turned out reallllly bad. Studies have shown that the more exposure you have to a hazardus environment the more likely you are to have an incident. Talking these occurances over with others who may have been there, gives us the opportunity to learn from them and change our approach to the same situation the next time. And there is ALWAYS something that could have been done different to make it safer.

    So lets share these, we can use this thread. The only ground rule I would like to set is ABSOLUTLY NO bashing or bad mouthing. When someone shares it is to help everyone learn. Heck it might just prevent a serious accident someday. So lets go, share your story and lets talk them out.
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    Ill start this shin dig.

    Thursday our crew was out removing christmas lights from an allee of white oaks, not overly large trees but large enough that it required two climbers to get the lights down efficiently. I was tied in climbing single line on the north west side of the tree. My climbing partner was tied in double line on the south east side and we had agreed to split the tree in half.
    I was rushing trying to get the lights out of the 8 trees by the end of the day. I cleared my side and with only two limbs left I figured I would help my climbing partner. Instead of going back up and getting a better rope angle I thought I could get it with out (first mistake). I climbed out to get the lights off and stood there for a second. I then decided to come back to the trunk right away (rather than waiting for him to finish what he was doing). I didnt even look at where my foot was going but I could feel a limb there and was confident it would hold (it held me getting out there). I moved my other foot and the limb gave way. With the bad rope angle I swung rapidly toward the trunk. The foot that was on the limb was out stretched and before I could do anything it had gone between my partner and the trunk of the tree, very nearly kicking him (very hard). I skinned my shin a bit and banged my other knee on the trunk.

    It was a very good thing that he was paying close attention and was able to move just enough. I was rushing, trying to get it done, and it would have been him that got injured. I should have taken the time to correct the rope angle and paid closer attention to my decent. my bad :nono:

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