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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by WilsonBoud, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. WilsonBoud

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    Reaching out to those who know the difference.

    In my extensive research for the ZTR that would best suit my needs, I have reached a stumbling block. I'm looking to those how know, for info.

    In my search I came to this conclusion. My preferences are listed in order

    1) Ferris IS 700 (60" deck, ZT3400) w/Kawa FS $8699
    2) Gravely Pro Turn 160 (60" deck, ZT3400) Kawa FX $8962
    3) Hustler X-one (60" deck, Parker motors) Kawa FX $10,690

    Now, I most admit I was really stuck on the Hustler until I come up on those Parker motors. I'm hearing that although these motors are great, they are high maintenance because of the hoses. Can anyone here substantiate the high maintenance statement.
  2. Nate'sLawnCare

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    How much use is this mower going to get? If you're only putting 50 or so hours on a mower per year as a homeowner, any of these mowers listed would last you a very long time - you could probably expect them to be trouble free for at least 1000 hours. I don't think having seperate pumps and motors with hoses will pose any issues for you. It seems like manufacturers that have gone with the less expensive combined pump/motor units try to paint the hoses as a problem area, but most commercial units have seperate pumps and motors.
  3. retrodog

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    Hey man all those prices sound really high to me. Look at the dixon or husqvarna with 3400's for $5199 +1 tax, or the bad boy czt for 6199, or the hustler xone i in the $7500 range. The xone is 9000 to $9500 here, and fyi a seperate pressurized parker pump tranny is worlds over what the 3400's are, now 5400's most would still argue in parker favor, i for one am 100% sold on 5400's on outlaw $6699 $8499, scag cheetah around $9800 to $10800 range. Heck for $10700 i had a buddy get an aged new super z for that...
    I am a dealer for hopper hustler and hopper, but i dont know any dealers within 335 states that get that kinda pricing. Our gravely dealer sells 260 models for $8900 range, heck the 160 is in $7koklahoma range (cant memeber upper or lower, seems like $7300 or so cant member...).
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  4. WilsonBoud

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    Thanks for the info on the parker.

    I have no way of knowing the real prices on this units, so I have to rely on people like you.

    I presently cut about two acres with a JD 345 garden tractor (circa '98), and three acres with a Kubota L2900 (circa '95) & 72" Landpride grooming mower.
  5. Nate'sLawnCare

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    If you're cutting the whole 5 acres each time, with a 60 inch zero turn you should be able to do that in 2 hours give or take a little unless it's real rough. I thought the prices you stated were kinda high too, so you should be able to get a really nice unit for around $7000 that will last you a long time. Have you had a chance to demo any of these? Good luck!

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