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Clover control

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by smithsonmi, May 14, 2001.

  1. Vandora Lawn & Landscape

    Vandora Lawn & Landscape LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 386

    Go visit your local lesco and see if they have an open bag of momentum granular. Often if the bag rips or something, they will sell it for discount.
  2. smithsonmi

    smithsonmi LawnSite Member
    Messages: 75

    Is it too late for another spot spray Momentum app? Or should I wait until fall? I missed some clover spots that have gone crazy. Yes, they are currently blooming, until I mow them that is.

  3. fireball

    fireball LawnSite Member
    from ne Pa
    Messages: 172

    I guess I have a little problem that additional fert will make clover disappear. I see a lot of golf greens with clover, problem being what kills clover also does bentgrass in. additional fert will only make clover bigger and stronger. clover like all weeds just takes advantage of a poor situation, its added advantage over other weeds is that it does produce its own nitrogen and is able to survive in soils that other plants can't. What we really need is a product that leaves four leaf clover alone and that way we all can be lucky

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