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    I have a small problem with clover mites...well actually quite a large problem there are thousands of them, I had the wonderful company that gets rid of termites and other pest (begins with T). They quoted me 1500 bux, all I wanted to get rid of was clovermites and earwigs (not bad problem but what the hell if they were coming out might as well treat for them) Also the guy was a moron! listed 2 dozen things that I dont have a problem with as treating as the main problem, and the two things I had him come out for he was going to do a preventive treatment. I understand that they try to make some money, but the guy did a walkaround my house and got pretty much every measurement wrong. My question is there something I can spray to take care of? Or is this quote pretty close to being right? I have two more companies coming out this week for a quote. I believe the quote was for 200 Linear feet to treat. Sorry for rambling. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated

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