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    Whats the best way to get rid of clovers?
  2. Lazer

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  3. MWHC

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    Find a herbicide with the A.I. (Active ingredient) Tryclopyr or Isoclopyr or both.
  4. Evan528

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    lazer, how is confront working for you? im looking to switch brands of herbicides and considering confront. any turf burning problems?
  5. 1stclasslawns

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    Clover is a legume and legumes make their own nitrogen, too much nitrogen in the soil and it cant live.. so ... fertilize!<br>The answers above are correct but if you dont want to use herbicides heres you another one.
  6. ChrisYanik

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  7. Lazer

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    Evan,<br>We use Momentum as our regular herbicide. Confront with a strong % of 2,4-D. Seems to give us the best of all worlds. Singzed a little turf spot spraying 2 years ago, but not bad. We'll be using again this season.<p>Chris,<br>I've found 2,4-D far less effective on clover than it is on other weeds.
  8. GroundKprs

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    Lots of choices. Depends on the grass you're treating and the other weeds you need to control with the application.<br>- Just 2,4-D will generally require 2 appl within 2 wks for complete clover control, but does many other weeds.<br>- If it's just clover, Confront is best choice; have a cust so allergic to bees, she always carries bee kit. But since she loves to work in yard, we use Confront. She really doesn't care too much about other weeds.<br>- Lesco Momentum, Riverdale Millenium or Cool Power will give good broad spectrum control, clover and most other weeds.<br>- Even new Drive 75 is labelled for clover.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana
  9. White clover is controlled by the application of diacamba.
  10. MWHC

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    I usually blend the 2-4D and the Tryclopyr. The 2-4d has real poor results with clover. Dicamba will kill clover also but it has soil mobility. If there are trees or bushes in close proximity, I wouldn't use dicamba.

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