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  1. Ocutter

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    I was wondering if there are a lot of us professionals out there that are/will be Certified Landscape Professionals and/or Certified Landscape Technicians. There will be testing dates in my area in Dec. and debating if I should take them.
  2. Stinger

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    Yes take the CLP if your the owner of your business. The CLT is mainly for employees but both are good credentials. I feel that one can never get enough extra training and professional skills under their belt. Weather or not you use it everyday it's bound to come in handy sometime.
  3. machine

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    Professional licencing by the state is a joke, It is just a way the state can raise extra revenue and get the needing information to monitor your actions. I don't think Landscapers fit in the same puzzle with Dotors, Lawyers, & Enginners until we find away to weed out the SCUBS of the industry.
    I don't think my customers a well enough informed to CLP or CLT. They don't give dam you cuts there yard as long as it is done on a consistant basis and with superb quailty. I already have a proffessional image, why do I need a CLP.

    Don't get me wrong, I do think the CLT is important for your employees to have something to achieve and to be a resume builder for them.

    I think that these licences our more of a confidence builder
    than a Marketing Tool. If you already have the knownelege and confidence, why pay someone for it?

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