cluch on 86 k10

country boy 710

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i was wondering if any one could tell me what cluch to put in an 86 k 10 4x4 with 400 sb motor i tried three diffrent ones and all three dont want to release for me


After three clutches I'd be looking for a problem somewhere else. Our 85 F-350 had clutch release problems which I finally traced to worn linkage between the clutch pedal and pushrod to the master cylinder. (hydraulic clutch) As I recall, the Chevy linkage is mechanical, but look for wear on the pedal pivot, all the linkage holes and the little "ball joint" thiny on the engine end of the the linkage crosshaft. Also, waht condition is the fork in?


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if it was first clutch it would sound like pressure plate but being its your third sounds like linkage etc.... bring it to your local shop unless you want to experiment and lay your truck up for a few days...