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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by MikeKle, Dec 19, 2007.

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    It seems like every spring when the grass is growing like wildfire,I am scraping my deck sometimes every 3-4 yards.I run the stock blades and do keep them sharp and do keep the correct angle on the blade.When the grass is completly dry and not too thick it cuts great,but if it is just slightly wet(morning dew) it will start shooting out chunks and clumps.The mower this seems to happen the most with is a turf tracer HP 19hp/ 52".I see other guys out cutting in the rain and it doesnt seem to be an issue,I also cut pretty high so I dont know what the problem could be? I did talk to a dealer about switching to Meg-Mo blades,but 19hp is not enough power for them.An Everride dealer showed me their decks with a "tunnel" on it(no baffle at all)and told me my exmark would cut wet,thick grass much better if I removed the baffle,Any thoughts on this?thanks
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    Listen do not remove anything the problem is that grass is forced to the rear of the deck so it can be cut again then it is thrown to the next chamber then around the front where it is cut again and finaly out the discharge. the grass is being cut about 4-5 times before leaving the shute. Now when it is whet the grass is heavier and of course it is going to stick and get gummed up there is very little you can do except start latter or clean more often.

    In dry grass there is nothing better but when it wet look out don't even shut the blades off or you will leave a huge mess. Modification of baffles will ruin the performance if you dont beleive me just look at the Triton debacle!

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