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  1. MarkD

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    I have a 2005 Fastrak 52 with the 20HP Kohler engine. The Fastrak has been rock solid for me but I've always wondered why I get so much more clumping than my neighbor across the street who has a lawn service?

    Even if I cut my yard every 4 or 5 days I'll get clumping. This occurred with the blades that came with the unit and the gator blades I put on two years ago. The underside of the deck is clean and I keep the blades sharp. I live in central NJ with a 1 acre yard this is pretty well kept, not many weeds or anything like that.

    Would I get better results with a mulch kit or different blades? It seems like the grass needs to be cut up into finer pieces or perhaps dispersed better out of the discharge so it doesn't leaves lines of grass in the yard.

    I've asked the question about the mulch kit here in the past and never really got a straight answer like, "yes, the mulch kit is definitely the way to go if you aren't bagging." And I notice most pros don't seem to have the mulch option on their machines.

    Now just to clarify, my cut is fine but I always seem to have clumping even if I cut every 4 days.

    Thanks for any info/insight into reducing this problem.

  2. kcolg

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    Just ordered and awaiting my Fastrak HD 54" and wondering about ordering a mulch kit as well or letting it throw them for best results. So any input greatly appriciated on my end too.

    My 22 year old John Deere LX172 will also clump when I go through the thick stuff over the septic drain field, but I figured it's really thick grass and an old mower. Still runs great but tired of mowing for 6 hours to get the job done... can't wait for the Hustler.
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    I bought a Fastrak Super Duty 54 in July 2011 and a mulch kit in March 2012. I mow 2 acres twice a week. Where the grass or weeds are thick, healthy or wet, it left long rows of clippings in several areas. With the mulch kit, I get occasional handfuls when I reverse. I get half a bucket if I turn the blades off where the grass is thick. I like my mulch kit and it is good for the grass. Bagging would create a mountain of grass clippings. Side discharge is no longer an option since we surrounded most grass areas with cutouts containing Cedar mulch. Finding real Hustler mulch blades is becoming difficult?
  4. hustlermidwest

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    Elite lift truck 5.2 miles from you can get you the correct blades. 763-421-9081

    Brian O
  5. hustlermidwest

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    Mark D,
    This is what Sharpcut 1 was requesting. Check your deck with this bulletin to see if your opening is too small.

    Brian O

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  6. MinnesotaVegans

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    Thank you. Installed my new Excel Made in USA blades today. Sure glad it only wanted 118 foot pounds of torque. Slightly easier than taking the old ones off. Sure glad I bought the blade holding tool and my new J&S Jacks TurfBuddy Lawn Mower Lift.

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