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    Just curious, what's the largest number of yards you do at one stop (dropping the gate 1 time)? Mine is 9 accounts out of total of 60.

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  2. Three-all at full price.:)
  3. Turfdude

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    Two stops each w/ 8 accounts. The less you drop your gates, the higher your profit margin. The key is to not give discounts for your grouped accounts. Charge each individually at your normal rates. This way when you begin to get more accounts in the neighborhood and the neighbors compare $$, you won't look like a jackazz.

  4. Been mowin' in this neighborhood for years. Can't get another customer here for anything! In fact I'm loosing accounts here. Had another one across the lake, but she died. I had to load up and go over there anyway, so it wouldn't count in your poll.:(

    twin accts.jpg
  5. ohiolawnguy

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    6 on the same street within 1/4 mile.
  6. C4chris70

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    I have one stop where I service 13 accounts on the same block. I recently lost 2 to a low-baller, however the lawns look terrible and I will probably be getting both back (at a higher price) very soon.
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    I have a small community where I do 5 Residentials and the city. It takes 6 hrs. on Thurs. and 8 hrs. on Friday. I only drop the gate twice, once Thurs. and once Fri. When I first started there I had 8 residential but 2 moved and the others son moved home after college. Here is a pic. of a small portion of one of the lawns.

  8. keifer

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    Four is my total two on one side of the street two on the other. but i have six others that are two and two and two.
  9. thartz

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    I have one allotment where I do 5 soon to be nine and what the residents call the common grounds. Takes about 4 hrs. to do all with me flying solo.
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    David Haggerty; seeing that picture of all that flat land almost makes me miss Ohio.

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