clutch? either good or bad?

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    The reason I ask is because I have a mower that when it is has to work hard through thicker or wet grass it boggs down. If the blades are engaged it works. If it happens out in the field once, it will do it more frequently then. If it sits, it is good again until it boggs down and the cycle repeats. Any help?
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    Ya do, huh?
    Read this:
    If the engine is boggin down, the clutch is working.
    If the blade/s are boggin' down, then mayhaps the clutch is slipping, mayhaps the belt loose.

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    thanks. It is definatley slipping then. I wasn't 100% sure about a clutch. The mower is a MTDPRO 2054. The idler pulley doesn't adjust lol. I may try a slightly bigger pulley to give it more tension.

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    It was the wrong belt on the mower. The instruction manual lists 2 different belts on 2 pages. I just figured it out now. I was wondering what I did wrong. I took the 65 off and put a 63 on and the problem is solved. Unreal how they can do this in an owners manual. My great dane mower's instruction manual has the belts wrong also.
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    Remember this next time the parts guy hands you a belt his computer says is correct, and you get home and it does'nt fit!!
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    Even when a spring isn't adjustable you can always move the pivot for the spring. I drilled more holes and as the belt stretches I move the pivot to add more spring force. Seems to make the belts last longer. And I was thinking that if the clutch is slipping you would smell it.

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