clutch problems with turf ranger exmark

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by apexlawn03, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. apexlawn03

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    I have had to replace the clutch on my 1992 @ 5 times in the last 3 years is anyone out there having the same problem with 1992 turf ranger by exmark
  2. dutch1

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    I just replaced a clutch on an Exmark Laser for a commercial cutter. When I picked up the clutch from the dealer he told me to tell the customer to engage and disengage the clutch at lower speeds and clutch life can be extended greatly. In addition, if you have an adjustable air gap clutch, air gap is critical to clutch life. Check your manual for proper air gap. I replaced a clutch on a Dane recently that required .012 air gap but it was worn so badly that when properly adjusted there was actually .030. The raised part of the engagement side had worn grooves in the magnet side that were .020+ deep, thus actually increasing the actual air gap. You will know if you have an ajustable clutch if you find it has three nuts holding it together. Just some thoughts for you to consider.

  3. CCWKen

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    It's on the "list of those most commonly replaced parts on eXmark mowers".

    That should tell you something.
  4. sawman65

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    like dutch said you have to adjust that clutch if you dont you will have to get a new one.its just a matter of maintance.
  5. Oldtimer

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    Engage the clutch at part throttle and disengage it at idle.


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