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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Ssouth, Apr 19, 2002.

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    I have a 2000 60" EPS and seem to be having problems with the clutch. ( I think it's the clutch) After mowing for a couple of hours and dissengaging the blades, they don't want to start back up. When I pull the yellow engagement all I hear is a hiss. I've tried and low and high rpm's. If I let it cool for a while it will start back up. I always let the mower warm up a few minutes in the morning before engaging blades at about 1/3 throttle. When I cut the blades off I do it at the lowest rpm's. Have you had problems with other's is it just me. Haven't talked to my dealer yet (who is great Dobb's equipment in Decatur, AL). Just wondering if there is something I'm doing wrong or is this a defective clutch. My 48" Lazer HP has never done anything like this. Any help is greatly appreciated. As always, keep up the good work.


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    This is the same situation that I have with the identical mower. There are a few different factors to consider that can affect this. First of all, bottom line, is that your clutch is wearing out. Do you run doubles? This can certainly affect the lifespan of your clutch. I run doubles in the spring and in the fall, and my machine has just approached 400 hrs. It's not so much the amount of hours on the machine or the clutch, but the type of use that it has gone through that has the main determination of a clutches lifespan. For instance, a machine that has a clutch that is engaged and disengaged often (smaller islands and properties) will not last as long as a clutch that is put through continuous use such as large fields and such. A clutches life is not determined by hours of usage, but by the amount of times it kicks on and off. (Mine is several) Another factor in a clutches life is HOW it is used. While running doubles, without question, has a bearing effect on the clutches life as it takes more to engage, HOW it is engaged and disengaged matters also. For instance, it is recommended that a clutch be engaged at lower rpm's as it reduces the friction as it grabs when the magnet kicks in. On the OTHER side of this coin, is the fact that the rpm's should be reduced before it is DISengaged as well, as the clutch itself ALSO acts as a brake. Unfortunately, even though Warner clutches (what our machines are equipped with) are the best in the industry, there is no replacement part kit to replace this catch disk that wears, and allows too much clearance for the magnet to pull it in. The GOOD news is, that while a new clutch may cost us upwards around $200, the clutches have been updated, and are heavier duty now than ever before. All the newer Exmark models are equipped with these newer, heavier clutches. So, if your like me, use a little discretion when engaging and disengaging your clutch. For instance, instead of disengaging just to cross a driveway, like I use to, now, I just lower the rpm's, raise the deck, THEN cross. Also, when you DO engage and disengage your clutch, try to preserve it by keeping your r's down while you're engaging and disengaging the unit.
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    What he said! Excellent description Runner. You don't by chance want Fred's job do ya? He's out this week and we could have his stuff cleared out before he gets back. Then again they could probably clear my stuff out in about 5 minutes.

    Runner is correct on his description of clutch life and wear characteristics. He is also correct in his diagnosis of the condition of your clutch. It is shot and it's only a matter of time before it fails completely.

    When your replace it be certain to purchase your clutch from your Exmark dealer. I recieved a call last week from a landscaper that bought a clutch from a non-OEM supplier and the clutch was not of the latest design. It also didn't fit.

    As far as warranty, the 2000 model clutch carried a 1-year warranty and thus it probably would not be covered. My suggestion would be to take your unit into the dealer and have him look at it. It's possible there was a defect but it is unlikely.


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    oooohhhhhhhhh, uh oh! :D :D :D

    guess i'll start a keep fred around thread/campaign!
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    Great idea....................or maybe not.

    We'll just keep him on. We understand your loyalty and dedication to Fred but we wouldn't want to be responsible if you neglected your cusotmers campaigning for Fred. Besides, I have to read every post you make.



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