Clutch question on 60" Exmark Lazer

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Sooners, Jul 10, 2005.

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    I have 800 hours on my Lazer. The clutch will not engage. I tested the PTO switch with an ohm meter and it's OK. I also checked, and I have 12 volts coming to the plug that hooks up to the clutch. What I don't know is if the clutch should have continuity through the wires at the plug when it is not engaged. Mine doesn't. I don't hear the normal "clicking" noise when it engages. Also, I did a search on Lawnsite on clutches and it seemed several had problems with the bearings. I haven't pulled it apart yet to check. Anyone have have any suggestions?
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    If yours is like mine, there is a plug on the clutch magnet with 2 wires, power and ground. Backprobe between the 2 wires with the PTO switch off and you should see about 2 ohms. If it reads open, pull the plug and check across the pins directly on the magnet. If it reads open, of course the magnet is bad.

    If the resistance is normal, plug it back in and check voltage across the 2 wires with the PTO on, should be 12 volts.

    If the resistance and voltage are good, look at the gap and make sure it's not too wide for some reason.
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    I found my clutch problem. The clutch is good after all. When I checked for continuity on the plug that attaches to the wire harness, I didn't get any. When I took the clutch off, I noticed the plug I had just ckecked had a plug on the other end that attached to the clutch. I took it off and the 2 prongs on the clutch had continuity. I then checked the wires between the 2 plugs on the 8" strip and BINGO! No continuity on one of the wires. I located a broken wire, and repaired it.

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