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Well, since I'm getting my backpack tommorow I would like to know one thing about the clutch. I'm buying a Stihl, not the Echo, found out the one I wanted wasn't worth it. Anyway, there was a post about running at full throttle becuase of clutch wear. I don't know if they were talking about Shindaiwa equipment or all manufactuers but I would like to know about these clutches. Wouldn't backpack blowers not have a clutch because when you start them they are automaticaly blowing air? I'm confusing myself. Please help!:eek:


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I dont think you are makeing a mistake with the stihl ( i assume BR 400). They are light and powerfull, more so than any other blower ive run. As for the clutches, Echo 2601 trimmers have had problems with clutches. I have 2 of them but i havent had a problem. My freind has about 20 of them and he has replace a few of them. I think it was more of a problem in the early models which was exaserbated when guys would take the guards off of them. I have never heard of clutch problems with blowers, as far as i know they dont have one. I havent been reading posts for a while so i hope i helped somewhat Good luck with the sthil.

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No clutch in backpack blowers.


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Scag 48,They were talking aboutstring trimmers when they weretalking about the clutches.


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Sorry, no clutch's on BP Blowers. Not that I ever saw. Like runner said I think you misunderstood and heard about the trimmers. I remember a conversation about that on here a few weeks ago.