C'mon Landscapers why's the battle Exmark over Hustler?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by HLM HustlerZ, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Chevy z71

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    I see them here usally goes like this.

    3.Hustler Gravely
    4. Snapper Pro.
  2. 290

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    Whats a Snapper Pro?! :laugh:
  3. Tennesseepowerstroke

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    I live 20 miles east of Nashville. Exmarks and John Deeres are on most of the trailers I see.
  4. HLM HustlerZ

    HLM HustlerZ LawnSite Member
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    Really, JD Ztrak's aren't very popular around the Metro Atlanta area. What's everyone's opinon on the high end $$$ JD Zero turns??
  5. LibertyFarmLandscaping

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    Well I'm not gonna debate on which is the best, but I'm big in buying made in the USA when possible.

    Scag is a division of Metalcraft of Mayville which is a machine shop that makes its own spindles, pulleys, etc. as far as I know they are the only brand that make their own components in the USA.
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  6. yardguy28

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    personally I don't find any other brand any better than exmark but yet all the other brands I have access to cost more.

    I have access to wright, scag, walker, toro, exmark and john deere. out of all those brands none of them is superior to the other except walkers bagging capabilities. but all those other brands minus toro cost significantly more.

    so my choice has been and always will be toro and exmark.

    they all produce good, quality cuts from what I've seen but none of them have anything my exmarks and toros have that makes me willing to pay the extra dough.
  7. HLM HustlerZ

    HLM HustlerZ LawnSite Member
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    Yeah and I love our new Scag Pro-V Hydro 48 walkbehind. Our Ztr is Hustler but we recently got this Scag and it's seriously built like a tank even compared to our ZR7 deck on the Hustler. That velocity 48 deck is awesome:usflag:
  8. HLM HustlerZ

    HLM HustlerZ LawnSite Member
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    I agree that they all produce quality cuts with the right operator and sharp blades, but I will say that Hustler does have some features that I really like compared to Scag and Exmark. We have 3 main mowers, 1 Hustler XR7 deck, 1 Scag Velocity deck, and 1 Exmark (newest bought this summer). The patented parking breaking handles on the Hustler I think is a great option and will be across the industry in ZTRs after their patent runs out in a few years. Also, I think our Exmark and the others that I've run are much slower in ground speed than Hustler. I'm not trying to argue mowers here but trying to explain maybe why some cost more than others. Our 2 yr. old Hustler also rides a lot smoother with the shock absorbers on the front than our past 2 Exmarks.

    The Exmark ztrs are great, just my .02 on the price difference.
  9. GMLC

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    Gravely also makes almost all components in house including pullies. As far as I know Scag and Gravely are the only ones hand built. Great pride goes into fit and finish for these two companies and it shows in the final product.


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  10. yardguy28

    yardguy28 LawnSite Platinum Member
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    guess I'm trying to say the features others offer don't make them superior in my opinion and aren't worth the extra cost.

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