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    I am considering putting a couple CMU walls in my backyard and I have a few questions I would appreciate some guidance with. They will be put essentially parallel with the existing block wall that fences in my back yard to make raised planting beds. Less than 3 ft tall and holding in a fairly small amount of gravel/soil that I fill them with. Tallest one will hold a disappearing fountain. I live in S. Arizona so no ground freeze and little rain. Looking at 6" wide block. I plan to put on a rock veneer and stone cap. Here come the questions: What size footing do I need and should I reinforce(rebar)? Do I need rebar/concrete reinforcement in the wall itself(vert or horizontal)? Could I get away with doing a dry lay w/ surface-reinforce bonding cement? I've got some tight curves, would I be better off using a smaller single cell CMU straight stacked to make those curves? Would the smaller block and straight stack effect strength? With the size and the curves would I get more bang for my buck with a poured concrete wall? I want them to be sturdy and last but don't want to over kill. Thanks for any input. See attached images for general design.

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