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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by allprogreens, Aug 30, 2006.

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    Taking Your PROFITS To The Next Level

    We are committed to making our contractors successful with their golf green business and 2006 proves to be a phenomenal year for contractors.

    Our NEW Co-op Advertising Program will allow you to reach a wider range of clients, increase company awareness, and generate new leads and sales in your area. You will also have the opportunity to earn product credit, called GREENBACKS, for up to half of the advertising dollars that you spend! Here’s how it works ​
    • Promote and advertise synthetic golf greens in your area
    • Turn in a copy of your advertising receipt and a copy of the ad with the publication ie newspaper, magazine, radio, television, trade shows, etc. to All Pro within 30 days.
    • The portion of the ad that promotes golf greens will be eligible for credit.
    • You earn product credits for up to 50% of your advertising dollars spent promoting greens. All Pro will credit your account up to $500 per month in product credit.
    • Product credits include putting green turf, fringe turf, lawn turf, cups, flags, pictorial magazines, brochures, DVD’s, postcards, etc
    • Product credits include putting green turf, fringe turf, lawn turf, cups, flags, pictorial magazines, brochures, DVD’s, postcards, etc
    • Redeem your GREENBACKS within 12 months. You do have to redeem your Greenbacks WITHIN 12 MONTHS – Use it or Loose it..
    • Product credit cant’ exceed 50% of a single purchase of All Pro products.
    • A minimum of 5% of product credit, per order, is applied to marketing material only – Pictorials, brochures, DVD’s, postcards, ect
    • When calling to place an order, you will be updated on the product credits (GREENBACKS) you have accumulated.
    • This program will start September 15th - Lawnsite members are the 1st to know about it

  2. SprinklerGuy

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    Here we go again.............
  3. bicmudpuppy

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    ROFLMAO!! I only opened the thread in the first place because you had a reply! I've been AWOL for about 3 months and maybe its not nice to see some things haven't changed!

    If we hijack every thread they post and talk about something besides irrigation, do you think they might pull the thread? Maybe some of the guys who are regulars at the calendar girl thread could post some pics to this one.....anything to get it tossed??
  4. Dirty Water

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    Here is a weird coincidence. When Bryan was posting all the time, All Pro Green's spammed the forum.

    When Bryan disappeared, so did the All-Pro Green's spam.

    Now that he's back, they start again.


    Good thing I like talking to you Bryan, otherwise we would have to ban you for the sake of the forum.


    How is your wife? I remember you mentioning she was ill?
  5. bicmudpuppy

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    OUCH, now if I was as thin skinned as some of these "how do I learn to install sprinklers, the money looks so good......." guys, I would be offended!

    Wife does just like the rest of us, one day at a time. It just really sux to be her a lot. Everything is getting worse and the doctors she currently use don't seem able or willing (not sure which) to help. I thank god daily that I have great kids that love their mother and help out with me being gone most of the time. Medicare kicks in on OCT first and even though the supplemental are expensive, I hope the plan is to basically start over as far as doctors go and hope we find someone who wants to help.

    I'm starting to believe that the job switch was for the best though. I'm making more money, the new position has potential, and my retirement program doesn't want to work anymore. Scouting and Football are much more important than digging ditches. See, it is possible to breed smarter kids!! I can't wait til Tuesday for the season opener!
  6. Dirty Water

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    I hear ya about the wife. Mine has a thyroid issue, and the last few tests the doctors have been real concerned about something, but won't tell us what, just that they keep doing other tests.

    Her mother had thyriod cancer, so I'm pretty concerned right now. At the moment, I pay out of pocket for her insurance, but I can't afford to insure myself. The state does pay for my daughters insurance.

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