Coal Tar vs. Asphalt Emulsion

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by guster98, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. BIGBOY2008

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    I like coal tar because it looks more like freshly laid asphalt rather than havig that real shiny greasy look to it.

    I always keep a handfull of the vinyl examination gloves in my back pocket that way i dont get the sealer on my hands and then get it every where else while im wiping sweat and all.
  2. hawm

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    Hi There:
    We use Black Mac, but am also wanting to add rubberized Coal Tar rolled on, as some of my customers have requested that. Does anyone know where I can buy this in my location? I service the Halton and Peel locations(Mississauga,Milton,Brampton) Ontario
  3. tdmsealcoating

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    im both hands for asphalt emulsion. Its cheaper and it does not give you that skin irritation the one you might get from coal tar. The material quality is similar overall.
  4. truseal

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    We are now using and selling a coal tar sealer and we have had more compliments this year then any other. We do some spray and some squeegee. Our boys dont wear protective clothing, but they are super careful not to get it on them. I think it looks better, and last longer. Good Luck
  5. pgrzes

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    I feel coal tar is a more durable product, easier to brush out then emulsion. The burn is not to bad in the cooler weather. Its terrible in the dead heat but a great product this time of the year. How many of you out there are mixing the two products? Get the durability of coal tar and the blacker AE look. I try to stick with coal tar, as I prefer to provide my customers with what I feel is the best product, but I did switch over to AE in the hottest part of the summer. I always use CT on parking lots though. Just my opinions!!
  6. shooterm

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    I'm not sure why this weekend I got a burned but I did. Was in the fifties didnt have to "eat" the spray once. We did two funeral homes and one very large warehouse lot. My skin is exactally like a sun burn anything exposed feels burned. I fricking hate sealcoating looks like I need to push for the striping crew :).
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    Can you use Seaboard RP355e Sealer in the state of NJ?

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