Coastal & Wetland Erosion Control. The Future??

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    i guess its too big of a scale for most.
    this was posted under business management, but got no response.

    So i have always wanted to get into restoring and re-building of the wetlands and coastal areas of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. im an avid fisherman and it breaks my heart to see our coast just washing away. plus the wetlands and coastal beaches, islands are our first line of defense in the path of a hurricane.

    I am a Horticulture major at this time. Also Im a Louisiana licensed Landscape/Horticulturist, Arborist, Irrigation Contractor, & Pesticide Apllicator.

    I have really been looking into finishing my Hort degree and then going into Civil Engineering, with a major in Civil Construction. Would love to get into the construction side of Wetland Erosion Control.

    Im at a crossroad. its been very challenging to focus on school and run my business. Do I go work for someone else , so i can hit the books hard? any input from some of the veterans in the industry??

    Thanks, Jacob
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    Man, that is a massive undertaking. I don't know what the situation is in the gulf but in NC someone hired by the state has been trying to replenish beach's for the last (that i know of) 25 year's. Giant dredge boat's way out in the water will pump sand through 7-8' pipe's to the beach. Bulldozer's spread that sand. Then the next big storm come's along and wash's that sand down to GA. The only path i know of into that kind of work is on one of those dredge boat's.
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    Here it involves planting native marsh grasses. Etc...
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    You can't control nature, just admire it.
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    There is actually a contractor license in Louisiana for Coastal Restoration and Habitat Enhancement. I decided to go chat with a few of the Marsh Equipment Companies around me and see what some of them recomend. I've have some pretty good connections in the Oil Field industry down here and some of the pipeline construction companies.
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    Become a licensed storm water management designer and installer. Check out and If you can put with with dumb ass engineers who sit in a office all day and have no idea of real world issues your set. Become very good at pricing, quantities, and charging for extras and you will do good. I've been dealing with structural engineers and environmental protection agencies for years , and wow these people only know what the books say . No idea of real world circumstances. If you can learn how to deal with them and world with/around them and price accordingly you will do well
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    Thanks buddy!
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    What kind of equipment would you even need for this type of work?
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    I am very interested in this type of work..
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    Well we all know that your an avid duck hunter. Soon i will be too. Junior were goin. Im gonna show you how its done.:)

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