Cobblers kids are the last ones to get shoes

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Green-Pro, Oct 15, 2006.

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    Just like the cobblers kids my house seems to be the last one to get things of a lawn maintenance or landscape nature taken care of. We were able to finally carve out some free time, so I nearly completed a small project I had been promising my wife all season. The entryway on our lane had a large cedar type bush right in the middle of the large patch of dirt in the first pic. That thing was around 35 to 40 years old, very large, very out of control and difficult to see around when exiting the lane. I had taken all but a very, very large and well embedded stump out earlier this season. The stump was a stubborn booger to remove, we tried the John Deere we use to run grain wagons with a chain, no go. I finally chopped around it as much as I could with an axe, after digging down some. I piled old brush up and lit 'er up. Pushed it out like a rotted tooth after that with the skid steer. We still need to transition between the new bed and older one (from the wall block), but my chief financial officer was happy none the less and even more so when I showed her what the bill would be for a customer vs. what it cost her.... Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge.

    Tree Peonies in the front of the bed, Mums, Japanese silver grass, upright sedum, and transplanted iris's. I used this minimal amount of plants as these will all eventually fill most of this space as they mature. Most are fall plants as far as blooming with the exception of the iris and peonies. I selected fall plants as most of our other beds are early spring, and throughout summer beds, we really had little to no fall blooming plants. The wall block is Harvest King block from my stone supplier. Added about six buckets of topsoil for contour, three buckets of X ground hardwood mulch from my supplier. Very windy that day, really all week cool temps as well. Good to get something done at home for a change, Enjoy.

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    very nice change.
    I bet mamma took good care of you after that.
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    You found a way to use some extra blocks :confused: :laugh: Looks good
  4. Green-Pro

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    LOL!!!! we celebrated our anniversary Sept. 25th..... Seems we celebrated it again Oct. 13th. Friday the thirteenth, not so unlucky after all.
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    Thanks Mac. Yeah the extra block was used, I had to buy just a few more to make sure it could be completed.

    I have some extra pavers as well out by the shop so guess what will likely be next? :laugh: :laugh:
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    Mine is the 24th of sept.
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    wow looks like you live out in the sticks a bit....must be nice :)
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    very nice change.
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    Very peaceful, we like it a lot. The county we live in prohibits acreages any less than five acres so this cuts down on sub divisions. We have 7 acres a tad over 5 is in pasture. I'm working on putting in a pond and some more Pine & spruce trees. Lots of times folks around here think they want to live in the country, get out of the city and into the real country. Trouble is once they do and they experience some of the real smells that go hand in hand with living in the real country they don't like it so much anymore. Lawsuits against farmers and the smells livestock generate usually follow. this is why the 5 acre regulation. Heck the EPA is trying to get a no dust law passed, can you imagine farming and a no dust law? Sen. Grassley from Iowa has invited some of these boys to his farm during harvest LOL!

    Anyway thanks for the reply.
  10. Green-Pro

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    Thanks Mike, one honey do project down an endless list to go LOL! :laugh: :laugh: I need to have her get an estimate for the next project.

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