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Cobblestone Bid


LawnSite Bronze Member
Can some one give me a guestamate for how long it would take to lay a 103x4' side walk out of Dutch Cobblestone?

Will have a Bobcat to take out the soil, and a compactor.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Very few cuts. 1 "L' shape 17x56, ana a 30' run connecting to it.

Why so long? I was figuring about 20 hrs. Is thgis right?

1. dig out a lavel base 4" deep, and square off area.
2. Put a 2" base and tamp
3. add 1'' sand
4. Lay brick and edging
5. Tamp brick
6. sweep in sand

Rex Mann

LawnSite Senior Member
Phoenix, Arizona
If you are using a 60mm (2 3/8") paver you need to dig down
7 1/2 inches from the final elevation of the top of the pavers.

Then add 5 inches a 3/4 minus aggregate. That will compact down to around 4 inches.

Next, screed out 1 inch of concrete sand.

Lay pavers

Do any cutting involved

Install the edge restraint.

Tamp the pavers with a mechanical plate compactor

Sweep sand into the joints

Compact one more time and sweep in all the joints.

Clean up and get paid payup

You should also consider using a geotextile under the aggregate to prevent migration into the soil.



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